Does Rick Perry Know His This Week Interview Was Terrible?

Sometimes we wonder what really goes on in Gov. Rick Perry's head. He was sitting there, ready for his closeup (aka his Sunday morning interview with ABC's This Week on the border crisis) and he looked so normal. He had his thick, black "smart guy" glasses on. His hair was, as always, perfect and he sat ramrod straight in the chair, like he was being held together with clothespins. He looked like any other guest, basically, but then the interview started.

He was there to talk about the border, so of course he took the opportunity to launch into a tirade about how the massive influx of immigrant children gathered at the border is actually a conspiracy, courtesy of President Obama. "I have to believe when you do not respond in any way, you are either inept or have some ulterior motive that you are functioning from," he said.

Host Martha Raddatz pushed back, raising her voice to interrupt the seemingly endless flow of soundbiting. Finally, an excruciating 4 minutes and 57 seconds in, Raddatz cut him off, to our great relief.

But we kept wondering what Perry was actually thinking. Did he go into this interview determined to veer off into conspiracy theories and criticism that -- and we're just guessing here -- are unlikely to get Texas the help needed to handle the border crisis? Did he leave the chair thinking he'd done what he came there to do?

We honestly hope not, because this guy still has a few more months at the helm of the Lone Star State and then we all may have to sit through the embarrassment of watching him make another run at the White House. Thus we're crossing our fingers and hoping that Perry face palmed the second his interview abruptly came to the end.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.