Does T-Mac's Back Mean Bonzi's Back?

T-Mac probably shouldn't be putting this kind of strain on his back...

We've enjoyed watching the Houston Rockets/Bonzi Wells drama unfold. (If you haven't yet seen it, you gotta check out Richard Connelly's spoof of Wells's Almost MySpace page. A can't miss: his choice of streaming tune.)

For a while, it seemed like the benched Bonz would be perfect trade fodder — maybe for Allen Iverson? And there were slow and steady leaks that Bonzi wasn't out because he wasn't in "basketball shape," but rather because coach Jeff Van Gundy was pissed at him. Yesterday, however, VG and Wells looked like they were making nice. Seems Wells called coach and said that he "would like to play some basketball." Van Gundy said he'd mull it over.

Then, Tracy McGrady's nagging back acts up, and lo and behold, Bonzi and Jeff are really talking. Bonzi's first position (he can play multiple) is shooting guard, making him the perfect replacement for a superstar with an achin' back. Anyone else think it's coincidence that the L.A. Lakers — and phenom Kobe Bryant — are coming to town today against a T-Mac-less Rockets team, and suddenly, Bonzi's being welcomed back to the lineup?

So kudos, Jeff, you've made your point. If Bonzi won't get with the program, he won't play. That is, until we need him to fill in for T-Mac. — Steven Devadanam

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