A valuable spare tire
A valuable spare tire

Domingo Quezada-Hernandez: Tries to Cross into U.S. with $610K in Spare Tire

Travel books tell you to take some extra cash for emergencies when making a trip, but try telling that to the Customs and Border Protection officers in Brownsville.

Domingo Quezada-Hernandez was coming across from Mexico to visit our fair land and -- no doubt hearing we are a backward country that deals only with cash -- he brought along $610,000.

That should get him some good seats and a few beers at Minute Maid.

CBP officers said Quezada-Hernandez started to look nervous as they questioned him (what, you wouldn't be nervous carrying $610,000?), so they began a detailed inspection. An X-ray machine showed something funny about the spare tire, so they examined it closer, the Brownsville Herald reports.

Quezada-Hernandez had somehow failed to declare that he was carrying more than $10,000 in cash, so he's now facing charges.

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