Dominique Sachse, The Ball's In Your Court

We were nosing around the blog of our sister paper the Dallas Observer and saw this item about a local newswoman's interview with George W. Bush.

In reading the comments to it, we learned that the blogs of the local television newspeople in Dallas are a helluva different in Dallas than they are here.

We get Isiah Carey throwing around exclamation points like they were Christmas cookies; they get Jane McGarry talking about how much she shaves her pubic hair.

Stay classy, Dallas!!

McGarry has been with the NBC affiliate in Dallas for 25 years or so; she anchors and does the occasional interview show for them, too.

And on her blog ("Strictly Confidential"), she feels free to yammer on about whether there's grass on the playing field, if you get our drift.

The item in question ran last May, but it was new to us.

Take it away, Jane:

The Make-Up Room is where all anchors go before a newscast. So there are usually at least 3 or us doing our hair and make-up at one time. Usually it's all girls. And usually the talk isn't about news. It's about men, dating, children, food....the stuff we're all really interested in. So starting today on my blog, I'm going to share some of what we talk about behind the scenes.

With summer around the corner, the subject of the bikini wax came up. Do you get one or not? I offered that I have before, but I can't see the point because you have to let the hair get long enough to wax again, which means, you'll need to shave! So why wax to begin with?

Before long the bikini wax conversation had turned into a debate about shaving, vs. waxing, vs. laser hair removal....and then, how much hair to remove. Well, that depends on your generation.

Our 5:00 anchor Meredith Land says these days, to younger women like her little sister, good grooming means...a complete wax, if you get what I mean.

Oh, we get what you mean.

Houston, we have fallen far, far behind on this trend of having television anchors discuss their muff-care details. We expect y'all to rectify this situation at once.

And yes, we realize there is a point to be made about McGarry landing a Bush interview, but we are far too dignified to make it.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.