Dominique Sachse's Wedding: Filed Under "Things We Need to Not Hear About So Much"


KPRC anchorwoman Dominique Sachse got married!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

In case you missed the Channel 2 ads, Sachse was one of -- if not the -- hardest-working single moms out there. That's a remark which, if we were churlish, we would find incredibly insulting to all the single moms in Houston who don't have access to River Oaks-level nanny care.

But we're not churlish.

Sachse, 44, married businessman Nick Florescu in what the station dubbed "an intimate ceremony" officiated by Joel Osteen, who's all about keeping things on the down-low.

How intimate?

On Sunday on Local 2 News at 10, Local 2's Rachel McNeill takes us all to the ceremony.

You'll see Dominique's jaw-dropping gown and the incredible cake made to replicate it. More photos will also be posted on


The Houston Chronicle linked to its coverage of the "love story" behind the intimate event, a story which included these gems:

He put a ring on it with a custom-designed, emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

She reciprocated with a new Jaguar for him.

Their never-fail looks: For her, it's an A-line shape in black - "a simple dress or pencil skirt with a structured jacket or top, very classic." For him: "Anything by Armani or Zegna."

He loves the outdoors, preferably in a warmer climate. "It's about having quality time together, no matter where," she says. "But if you're looking for places, Napa, France and Rome were quite spectacular."

Sounds like hardworking single moms all around Houston.

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