Donald Trump Doesn't Know Sports. Or He's a Troll. (Or Both.)

I don't consider myself to be a very political person. I tend to hang in the middle part of the spectrum on most topics, and like many Americans, I'm more fascinated by the spectacle of this election than I am impressed by any of the individual candidates. So, at the end of the day, I'm mostly interested in how this election can provide me with material for my show or this blog.

From that standpoint, it's hard to beat Donald Trump. Now, I am fairly certain Donald Trump is a sports fan. After all, at one time he owned the New Jersey Generals in the old United States Football League, and he sure does seem knowledgeable about the sports stars who have appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Hell, I thought he might adopt Dennis Rodman during Rodman's season on the show!

However, maybe it's the grind of the campaign trail that's dulled his sports machete a tad, because he's had some weird (if not factually incorrect) things to say during stops on the tour this past week. 

It started in Pittsburgh last Wednesday when he asked the crowd, "How's Joe Paterno?" after touting how intimately he "knows Pennsylvania." Which is weird. Because Paterno died back in 2012...

"How about that whole deal?" Yeah, Donald, that "whole deal" where Paterno allowed a pedophile predator to run unfettered in his program for more than two decades. That was quite a deal.

Then came Monday night, earlier this week, when Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan introduced Trump at a campaign rally in Buffalo. Trump was pimping Ryan as a leader of men of sorts, and cited his two AFC championships as proof...(fast-forward to about the 5:45 mark)... 

That's swell. Only one problem — Rex Ryan didn't win two AFC championships. He made the playoffs, and won a couple of games, twice in New York, made the AFC title game. But he didn't win either of those games. Minor detail, I guess, in Trump's sports realm.

Then, finally, on Wednesday, at a rally in Baltimore, Trump brought up New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and how everyone loved him, and even included a dramatic pause where he expected the Baltimore crowd to agree with him...

The only problem? Well...I mean...it's goddamn BALTIMORE. They hate the Patriots. Actually, come to think of it, pretty much every NFL city outside of Boston hates the Patriots. 

I have no idea if Trump's tone-deaf sports takes are intentional, like some sort of next-level trolling. If so, then I would love for him to go to Austin wearing a Manziel jersey and see where it goes. The Internet might shut down.

But if you're keeping score at home, in Trump's world, Joe Paterno is alive, Rex Ryan has two AFC titles and everyone loves Tom Brady.

All righty then. 

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