Donnie Glenn Raymond, Jr., Ebay Thief
Donnie Glenn Raymond, Jr., Ebay Thief

Donnie Glenn Raymond, Jr.: Busted for eBay Sale Gone Wrong

There was trouble afoot in Van Alstyne, Texas, a tiny community northeast of Dallas I didn't even know existed until I read a report about how a man there got shafted when he tried to buy a motorcycle from an East Texas man.

Donnie Glenn Raymond, Jr. of Lufkin (where else?) was arrested for state-jail felony theft after he allegedly sold a motorcycle on eBay to Mitchell R. Lousch and pocketed the money without handing over the 2005 Kawasaki Ninja. According to the report, Lousch sent Raymond two checks for $1,000 each and said he would pick up the bike within 10 days and bring the rest of the money (similar bikes sell for between $2,000 and $6,000 on eBay based on a cursory search).

Raymond told Lousch he had sold the bike to someone else and would send him back his money, but he never did.

Bank records indicated that Raymond did indeed cash the checks and Lousch, frustrated with what he considered a lack of help from local law enforcement, filed a civil suit. That's when a constable in Lufkin stepped in and approached Raymond, who apparently was none too happy about the visit. He was arrested Monday.

He posted $2,000 bail. I wonder where he got the cash.

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