Don't Ask Me No Questions


conservative blogs

in town have been a bit up in arms, rightly so, that a

Houston Chronicle

editorial writer has donated $250 each to Barack Obama and Democratic county judge candidate David Mincberg.

Blogger Kevin Whited wrote to Steve Jetton, the Chron's reader rep, with some reasonable questions, among them where the editorial writer in question, Andrea Georgsson, would be participating in any Chron endorsements in the county judge race.

Jetton wrote back that "We're looking into the situation."

Six days later, Whited wrote "It's been several days since my email about the 'situation' which I presume you found exactly as I described. Would it be possible for someone to answer the questions I raised?"

A day later he got this reply, in full: "A Chronicle editorial writer made political campaign contributions that she regrets. We've dealt with it internally and appreciate your concern."

That's not exactly responsive. As Whited replied: "I want to be sure I am reading this correctly as it is astonishing -- you as reader rep for the newspaper are refusing to answer legitimate substantive questions from a reader about this 'situation'?"

We've asked Jetton for a response; we'll post it when/if we get it.

-- Richard Connelly

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