Don't Bother Voting: An East Texas Eggplant Has Foretold the Next President

An East Texas woman claims that God has manifested Himself in her garden in the form of a miraculous eggplant that foretells the winner of the presidential election.

Kathryn Murray of Broaddus in San Augustine County claims that because one of her eggplants is shaped like a mitten, Mitt Romney will become the next president of the United States. (The eggplant at right is a stock photo -- you can view Murray's prophetic one here.)

According to KTRE, Murray's husband is skeptical. "He said a sign from God, I said yes, it's in the shape of a mitten. So I think it is a sign we need Mitt," Murray said.

We hate to rain on her parade, but to us it looks less like a mitten than an eggplant with a nose, and eggplants grow these appendages all the time. We saw one a few years ago that was a dead ringer for Richard M. Nixon, and he certainly was not about to move back into the Oval Office.

Murray says she has no plans to harvest the soothsaying aubergine until after the election. On or about November 7, the eggplant has a date with destiny in her oven.

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