Courtesy of VH-1/TMZ
And remember, God's got homegirl's (right) back, too...

Don't Bring that S*** to H-town!

Oh snap, boyyyyyyy!!! Flavor of Love returned to TV last night, and the first episode was as glorious as glorious can be. It had a catfight in the first 20 minutes, mad trash-talking and then finished with a contestant literally losing her shit. This is TV.

But what caught our eye was one of the contestants who declared she was from H-town, earning the nickname H-town. All we know about her is that she's 27, a mental health therapist and a professional hip-hop dancer. Got any dish on her? We're accepting any and all gossip, just hit us up.

It's too bad she won't be around any longer, though. Because she was one of the girls in the brawl, she nearly got kicked out of the house. Then she failed to get a clock at the end of the show. The best moment came when the girl she fought warned her:

"You better quit interruptin' my prayers before God directs me to whoop your ass."

We assume she's praying to the Old Testament God, because Jesus never actually slapped a ho, even if he was a pimp.

By all accounts this may be the most amazing reality show ever. Our early favorite contestants are Buckwild, who talks just like Gary Oldman in True Romance, and Spunkeey, who appears to be absolutely insane crazy. (And allergic to bee stings.) If the rest of the season is anything like this episode, you'll know what time it is. Flava Flav! -- Ray Hafner

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.