Don't Expect Smooth Driving Near The Galleria This Weekend

Planning on a big weekend in the Galleria area? Better bring some good music for the car. Because you are going to be sitting in traffic with a capital T.

The Uptown Houston development TIRZ is announcing what it euphemistically is calling the "Final Push to Finish San Felipe," but you may have other names for it if you try to drive in the area.

Eastbound lanes of San Felipe will be completely shut down between South Post Oak and the Loop from 9 p.m. tonight until 7 a.m. Monday August 24. "By opting for a total closure, construction time will be reduced from six weeks to two," an Uptown Houston spokeswoman says.

Hmmm. Usually there's not a whole lot going on in that area in that time frame. Just people going to clubs, stores, restaurants and hotels.

Uptown Houston is banking on the fact (we're guessing) that many of the type of people who go to the Galleria area are also the kind of people to get the hell out of Houston in August. So maybe the damage will be minimal.

After this weekend's work, the group says, there will be no major closings all the way up until the project is finished around Thanksgiving.

But as far as this weekend, consider yourself warned.

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