Nightmare on Kirby: The Beginning
Nightmare on Kirby: The Beginning

Don't Forget: NFL Draft Live-Blogging, Right Here

Will the Texans recapture that David Carr magic in this year's NFL Draft?

Even though Carr has more Super Bowl rings than the Texans, we certainly hope not.

The draft has become a huge entertainment extravaganza, stretched over days and preceded by months of hype, analysis and blathering. (Lotsa luck if you were looking for any Astro or Rocket chat on sports-talk radio lately.)

This evening festivities begin, and although everyone seems to agree on the first two picks (Stratford High's Andrew Luck to the Colts, Baylor's RG3 to the Redskins), from there anything can happen.

The best way to follow it all is watch it on TV, grab a cold one and then come right back here to Hair Balls as Sean Pendergast live-blogs it all.

The fun begins at 6 p.m.

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