Don't Forget: The Astros Still Suck, And Will Continue To Do So

I know that with the horror that is the Houston Texans, many of you have forgotten that the horror that is the Houston Astros is still playing games. Yep, they still have four more chances to lose this season.

Several weeks ago, with the team limping toward the finish line, several of the team's so-called minor league prospects were brought up to the club as part of the September roster expansion, and the story that everyone was told was that these so-called kids would get a chance to play so that it would be seen if they actually had any ability to play in the majors.

Only the Astros changed their mind and decided that Miguel Tejada's quest for 200 hits in a season was more important than anything else. And Chris Johnson didn't get to play at third base because Geoff Blum's quest for a contract with another team next season is more important than the Astros future.

Don't believe me? Well, just check out the statements of Ed Wade and Dave Clark. And seeing as how Craig Biggio's quest for 3,000 hits took precedent over finding out if Chris Burke was worthy of a major league roster spot in 2007, then I'm guessing that Drayton McLane is okay with it as well.

The Houston Chronicle's Jose de Jesus Ortiz argues that Tejada deserves this because he's such a great clubhouse leader who does things the right way -- well, except for the whole lying-to-Congress thing, and the whole lying-about his-age thing, and the whole taking-HGH thing. But hey, if Tejada was really the world's greatest leader, wouldn't he really care more about his teammates than about his quest?

It's bad enough that Chris Johnson has to sit so that Geoff Blum, a guy who defines mediocrity, can try to bilk another major league team out of several million dollars, but Tommy Manzella, who might or might not be good, has to sit so that the World's Greatest Leader can also try to scam a couple of million dollars from some unsuspecting fool of a baseball-team owner. Speaking of which, Mr. McLane, Miguel Tejada's agent is on the phone. He wants to speak to you about a contract for next season.

You know, if the Astros were actually winning some games, I might halfway buy into the necessity of Tejada and Blum playing, but the thing is, the Astros aren't winning. After last night's shocking defeat to the Philadelphia Phillies -- shocking only in that the Astros, at one point, actually had a lead in the game -- the Astros ended the month of September by going 10-17 and 3-7 for their last 10 games. In a large majority of those losses, the Astros have been blown out. So just what has been accomplished by playing Tejada and Blum except for inflating their stats?

Manzella and Johnson might stink. They might not be able to play in the major leagues on a consistent basis. But wouldn't it be better to learn that this season than to go into next season with them inserted into the starting lineup only to discover it then?

Of course, as we learned with Chris Burke, the Astros' way is to wait until it's too late. Which is why, come next season, the Astros are going to suck. Again.

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