There really is no shortage of photos of this guy getting excited.

Don't Forget the Other Suckie Astros

Okay, enough of the




about Brad Lidge. Let’s talk about the rest of the suckie Astros.

The Astros lost last night. Again. By a final score of 2-1. The Astros are 4-6 for June, and 26-37 for the season. The team has lost 12 of its last 15 road games. And the team’s lost 16 of its last 21 games. That, readers, is not the way to win the division.

Carlos Zambrano, who’d not put together two straight good games this season, went eight innings for the Cubs. He also homered off of Woody Williams. That home run was the game-winning run last night.

And I know that I’ve beat up on Woody Williams in the past, but the guy pitched seven innings last night, giving up only two runs and four hits while striking out five and walking only two. But it wasn’t good enough.

And speaking of not good enough, I’m guessing that people were driving in from Milwaukee to watch Biggio because Phil Garner once again had him batting lead off. They must have been disappointed because he was 0-4, and he saw his average dip down to .219. How low is .219? It’s so low that Adam Everett has a higher average. I know that Biggio’s aiming for 3,000 hits. I know that he’s arguably the best Astro ever – I say arguably because I’d argue for Jeff Bagwell – and I know that he’s probably going to be the first player in the Baseball Hall of Fame wearing an Astros cap. But I’ve just got to wonder if he’s feeling any shame at his inability to perform. And I’ve got to wonder about why it is that Drayton and Phil let him go out and embarrass himself every night?

(Speaking of which, the projected date for Biggio to get number 3,000 is July 6. I don’t think that he’s going to be able to do it before that date. And I don’t think that he’ll do it before the All-Star Game.)

The loss dropped the Astros back into a tie with the Pirates for fifth place in the NL Central. And as I discussed yesterday, while the ‘Stros next opponent, the Oakland A’s aren’t much in the hitting department, the team’s pitching staff is one of the best in baseball. The A’s young pitchers are possibly as good as those youngsters Cain, Lowry, and Lincecum in San Francisco. So, I think it’s going to be difficult for the Astros to win against games against the A’s, so maybe this whole Brad Lidge promotion to closer thing ain’t going to matter because he’s not going to be needed to close any games.

First pitch tonight is set for 7:05, with Roy Oswalt going up against Joe Kennedy. If the Astros are going to beat the A’s in a game this series, it’s going to be this game. – John Royal

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