Don't Make Me Beg

The rumor mill has it that AOL Sports is about to start hiring beat reporters to cover the various sports in the professional leagues. This is supposed to be like what Yahoo! and CBS Sportsline have done - those of you who have read those sites know how those work. It's just like with the newspapers, there will be a reporter assigned to cover the team, and that person will write every day about that team.

Supposedly, they're hunting writers from newspapers, and since a whole bunch of newspapers have gone under lately - or else a whole bunch of papers have laid off bunches of writers - they're going to hire from the ranks of those who are unemployed. Now Houston's not quite in that area. The Chron is not going under, yet. And they haven't lost any of the beat writers. Yet. And the Post went out business nearly 15 years ago. So where is AOL Sports going to get a beat writer for the Houston sports teams?

Well, nothing against the good people here at the Press, but AOL Sports, you make me the right offer, and I'll make the jump. I'm not locked into a long term contract, and I'm a big believer in free agency. I think my credentials are pretty well established. I think you want an actual reporter, and not a team cheerleader - that's what MLB.com is for. So I'm perfectly willing to be your Houston Astros beat reporter. Maybe that way the Astros will actually give me a press pass.

So AOL, let's talk. Just send me a note here at the Press. They won't mind.

(Oh, and hey, Mr. Editor: this was all just a joke. I would never dump you guys for AOL Sports. Yahoo! maybe. Or Sports Illustrated. Or ESPN. Or Deadspin. Or if somebody wanted to give me a radio gig I might think about it. But not the Chron either. So for now, you're stuck with me.)

(Editor's Note: Don't sweat it, John, in today's economy we've all got to have a backup option or two. In fact, uh... put in a good word for us, willya?)

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