Don't Mess With Missouri, Governor Perry

Rick Perry, our inimitable governor, is now well-known for attempting to poach, er, bring new business here to Texas. Apparently, he's also fairly good at this according to Businessweek (as opposed to other things, like policy and short-term memory.)

Well, Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri, a Democrat, did not take too kindly to Perry's entreaties to Missouri's businesses and set off a Twitter battle. Nixon even showed off his funny bone (well, funny for a politician) when he tweeted: "Favorable tax climate helps Missouri's economy succeed, not secede." Bah-dum-chhh. (You might note that given we're in a global economy, Perry's poaching other states' businesses is a zero-sum game for the country as a whole, even if it might be good for Texas.).

In any event, the battle has been heating up since Nixon, facing a veto-proof GOP legislature, vetoed a Republican tax bill which would have slashed taxes. Perry could not help himself and jumped into the fray with this comment: "Vetoing a tax cut is the same thing as raising your taxes."

Yes, that's right, Rick. Good logic. In related news, you may have heard this funny story about Perry from a New Republic profile:

Once in Austin, Perry made little effort to hide his lack of interest in the finer points of policy. Garry Mauro, then the Texas land commissioner, remembers coming to Perry to sponsor a piece of legislation and Perry cutting him off when he started to explain the bill in detail. "Don't waste your time," Perry said. "I wouldn't understand it anyway. Just make sure you're there to talk about it." Recalling the incident today, Mauro says, "You at least have to give the guy credit for candidness."

That's the longest-tenured governor in the United States. Right here in Texas. Could not be prouder.

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