Don't Mess With Texas? Ten Other State Slogans Turned to Romance-Novel Titles

Romance writers are up in arms because Texas is suing one of them for using Don't Mess With Texas as a title for a book the state finds too steamy. The Texas Department of Transportation says the phrase is trademarked and they have to take steps to protect it; romance-novel writers and fans say lighten up. (A federal judge denied TxDOT's request for a restraining order.)

We think author Christie Craig of Houston, who wrote Don't Mess With Texas, is onto something. Official state slogans are perfect for romance novels. We think. Here are our ten:

10. Wisconsin The dude is certainly taking a long, loving look at someone's dairyland.

9. New Jersey Answers the eternal question of love: "What exit?"

8. Maryland Seems there should be a comma halfway through the first word of the title.

7. Michigan Looks like she already has. Probably a Yooper.

6. Utah That ain't all that's connecting!!!

5. New Hampshire Sadly, this probably is the name of some romance novel out there.

4. Delaware Worst penis nickname ever.

3. Missouri Finally, the spelunker love story for the ages.

2. Idaho Bridget "Potatoes" Houlihan was a wild Irish lass who could not be tamed. Until one day a longhaired swordsman in need of a shirt came to town and thus began the torrid passion that brought her fame.

1. Louisiana And we're not talking about the fishing!

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