Don't Mess With the Swamplot, Local Real Estate Agent Learns

Patti Mace is a local real estate agent, and like many she has a Web page and a blog.

Today Gus Allen of the popular Swamplot site noticed Mace's content looked familiar. As in complete reprinting of Swamplot items with no attribution or links.

Allen tweeted "My name is @PattiMace, and I like to pretend I am Swamplot." But he didn't contact her.

He tells Hair Balls he "didn't feel like filling out another real-estate agent contact form with another one of those annoying spam filters, and being forced to declare that I was interested in one of her properties "

But he did get his revenge.

Suddenly, many of the images on the items on Mace's blog were replaced with the words "Content stolen from Swamplot.com."

"A few minutes later they were taken down," Allen says.

And indeed, the current version of the blog contains no full-blown reprintings of Swamplot items. It seems to include full-blown reprints of other blogs, but that's not Allen's worry.

Update: An apology of sorts:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this to apologize to whomever may have been offended by my attempts to help share information from various websites through their public feed. Please do not be upset with Patti, it was me, and generally, a website with a feed uses excerpts, and has a link-to their article or at least the website. Both the author and the websites are always credited, there is a link in the sidebar to the contributors site, and all of the posts by each author are grouped when the authors name is selected. All articles found here, written by anyone but myself or Patti, will be removed with a simple request. The purpose was actually simple, it was found that these articles were news-worthy and therefore of interest to all, again, sorry.

David Osgood

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.