Don't Say It....Don't Say It....Damn, I Said It

You could almost hear the wheels spinning in the mind of the guy substituting for JP Pritchard on KTRH this morning.

Authorities had busted a large cockfighting ring, the lede of his item said.

Cockfighting ring. Cockfighting ring, you could imagine him practicing. Make sure to say cockfighting ring.

And then they tossed to him.

"Authorities have busted a large cock ring --"

Maybe next time, dude.

By the way, here's how the Houston SPCA described the scene of the bust:

At the scene, patches of fresh blood and feathers were visible inside of the 20 foot square fighting ring. Twenty dead roosters were found buried in a shallow grave behind one of the residential trailers on the property.

Cock fighting paraphernalia to include performance enhancement drugs, syringes, spurs, leather bands, game cock literature, and scales where found both inside of cars and outside on the property.

Roosters placed inside of wooden and cardboard carriers were found inside some of the cars at the site. All of the roosters had their cones and waddles cut down. In addition, they also had their spurs cut down to a stump. This is common practice in cockfighting in order to attach artificial knives and gafts to the stump for fighting purposes. Numerous eggs were also seized from the sheds designed specifically for breeding the game cocks.

The 150 animals were transported to the HSPCA for evaluation.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.