Don’t Sue, But We Think Stacy Johnson-Klein Is Pretty (Hot)

I have a friend at work, let’s call him Frank, because, well, that’s his name. But I have this friend at work named Frank who’s been sending me this story since last week, in hopes I will write a post about it, primarily because he thinks the woman involved in the story is hot. Really hot.

So I read the story. And while the woman involved, one Stacy Johnson-Klein, is hot, that’s not why I’ve decided to write about it. I write because Ms. Johnson-Klein just won a sexual harassment and gender discrimination case against her former employer, Fresno State University.

Ms. Johnson-Klein was the woman’s basketball coach at Fresno State. This 2005 story from the San Francisco Chronicle is the best version of the school’s story for firing her. There were accusations of taking prescription painkillers from her players and various financial misdeeds. Johnson-Klein refused to take things lying down, especially in that it appeared her career might be over. So she filed suit, alleging sexual harassment and gender discrimination on the part of Fresno State officials. She even offered to settle for $950,000 just before going to court.

But Fresno State refused.

Guess what, Fresno State students. Your tuition’s going up, and it’s going to be going up big, because she won her suit. To the tune of $19.1 million after the jury concluded that she was fired for threatening to expose the school’s unequal treatment of women athletes and coaches.

The thing is, this isn’t the first such lawsuit that Fresno State has lost. Earlier this year, jurors found that Fresno State did the same thing to its former women’s volleyball coach, Linday Vivas, and to former associate athletic director Diane Milutinovich.

In the legal world, this is known as showing a pattern of discrimination. Taxpayer wise, this is known as needing to get some new people running the state-run, taxpayer-funded institution. -- John Royal

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