Pretty much what 290 is gonna look like this weekend...
Pretty much what 290 is gonna look like this weekend...

Don't Take U.S. 290 at 610 This Weekend. Just Don't.

Stay away from U.S. 290 at I-610 this weekend, because the area's bound to be a big fat steaming mess of an interchange.

Starting tonight (9 p.m. to be exact), TxDOT will shut down all lanes on 290 at the 610 interchange. Drivers passing through will have to either hop on the new I-10 connector ramp or jump on the feeder to make a U-turn.

TxDOT says construction crews will be demolishing the old bridge at the interchange, installing new sewer and drainage lines and shifting lanes for future construction projects.

Keep in mind the 290 shutdown will stretch on all weekend. None shall pass -- until 5 a.m. Monday, that is.

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