Don't Work -- It's Cyber Monday!

Thought the holiday uber-shopping craze was limited to Black Friday? Welcome to Cyber Monday.

Admittedly, the day was first a gimmick by Shop.org (they coined the term back in 2005), but over the years, more and more stores have jumped on board and as many as 82% of online retailers are offering special discounts for online purchases today. (Of course, those tricky retailers will mostly likely offer similar discounts for the rest of the holiday season, too.) And there's a rapt audience, some industry experts say that more than 50% of consumers will do some of their shopping online this year.

But, if knowing that it's basically just a well-orchestrated ad campaign doesn't deter you from playing the Cyber Monday game, here are a few hints.   

Go to the source: www.shop.com is a one-stop clearing house. All of the larger retailers and a good number of smaller shops have offers there. You can see them side-by-side for feature comparisons. There are some very good deals online today. For example, Wal-Mart is offering a Compaq CQ50 notebook computer, HP printer, carrying case and 8 GB USB flash drive for $498 total.

Get the secret codes: Go to www.cybermondaydiscountcodes.com for promotional codes that get you the super-sale prices. We saw $100 off selected computers at Circuit City and buy-one-get-one-free offers from Lane Bryant .

Stop by www.retailmenot.com for more discount coupons.  A quick scan showed $5 off any $30 purchase from Sears, $5 off any $50 purchase from K-Mart, and free shipping on purchases for more than $25 from JCPenney.

Don't forget www.overstock.com/cyber-monday for more great deals, especially if you're looking for refurbished electronics. We saw refurbished HP laptop and desktop computers starting at $500.

-- Olivia Flores Alvarez

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.