Don't Worry About That Plane Buzzing Downtown Houston. Really

Don't Worry About That Plane Buzzing Downtown Houston. Really

Houstonians downtown during today's lunch hour were treating to a very curious aerial display as they walking to and from their offices.

A small single-engine was seen doing swoops and twirls in between our tallest skyscrapers. The plane's flight was mostly up and down Main, but the flight plan seemed call for a harrowing buzz of the Exxon Building off Bell and Milam. Officeworkers in the upper floors were looking down at a plane.

If you were watching the stunt planes flight from just the right angle, you could have sworn you were about to witness tragic history.

We weren't sure if planes were allowed to fly so close to urban areas, especially near office buildings in a metropolitan setting. We seem to remember some unpleasantness regarding this some years back that led to an all too painful feeling each time we see planes that close, no matter what the size plane.

We called up Marlene McClinton with the Houston Airport System for the details. She checked with the Federal Aviation Administration who assured us that the noon flight was kosher. The plane was doing some mapping exercises for the City Of Houston.

But seriously, planes and buildings will never ever be a comfortable mix. Not they ever went together like peanut butter and jelly before.

It's creepy. 

-- Craig Hlavaty

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