Down and Dirty with Dunta: Texans/Chiefs from the Pressbox

Dunta Robinson: Heart & Soul of the Texans

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m pissed. Sure, the Texans just won (by the exact margin I predicted and Mario Williams turned in a performance good enough to net him AFC defensive player of the week honors. But I can’t be concerned with any of those trifles right now. At the moment, all I can think about is my fantasy football team.

Find out what a lack of testicular fortitude has to do with fantasy football after the jump . . .

You see, in the days leading up to the season opener, I had toyed with the idea of picking up the Houston defense and starting them this week. I just knew a stellar performance was coming. I knew it! Mind you, my faith had more to do with the putrid Kansas City offense than the Texans’ D, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I lacked the testicular fortitude to make such a brazen gambit and now my fantasy team was doomed because of my aforementioned shortcomings in the cojones department.

So with nothing but fury and frustration on the brain, I made my way down to the victors’ locker room in search of a good quote and a dose of some much-needed perspective. Thank God for Dunta Robinson.

Make no mistake, Dunta is the heart and soul of the Texans’ defense, if not the entire team. He is the fearless voice of the franchise, forever ready and willing to dish on the state of affairs and emotional well-being of the steel-blue crew. And before you hand the game ball to Mario and his mates on the Houston defensive line, take a moment to consider Robinson’s contribution to the cause: After a sloppy and rather lackluster first half, it seems it was the diminutive cornerback who in fact provided the spark which led to the Texans’ second-half surge.

“Mario kinda slapped me in the face because I told him before the third quarter, ‘Mario, I aint heard your name all day, you gotta do something,’ Robinson said. “And then he went nuts from that point on. Mario is a monster. He can dominate a football game if he wants to and you saw that in the third quarter.”

Indeed, Williams’ second half play was as large as his 6-foot-7, 290 pound frame. Two sacks and a fumble return for a touchdown… it’s almost enough to forget about the famed and fabulous He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Band (fronted by VY and Reggie, of course).

“He’s faced so much criticism; it’s great to see him have a game like he had today,” said long-snapper and HouStoned Ballz go-to guy, Bryan Pittman. “It’s gonna quiet a lot of the critics… At least for a week or so.”

Yeah, one monkey-free week sounds about right for Mario, since the weight of his burden is directly proportional to the Texans ability to keep winning. And let’s face it, with Carolina and Indianapolis waiting in the wings, a two game losing streak may very well be lurking right around the corner.

Still, this is no time to focus on the negative. God knows there will be plenty of opportunities for that later on. For now, the Texans can simply enjoy being above the .500 mark for the first time in four years. And if anyone thinks it’s a fluke or the byproduct of playing an NAIA-caliber Kansas City team, Dunta Robinson couldn’t care less.

“We don’t worry about that,” he said. “The way to silence those people is just to keep winning football games. The people of Houston aren’t crazy. They think they have something special and we think we have something special. It’s just about going out there and getting the job done. If we play the way we’re capable of playing, then we’ll be a special football team.”

“Since I’ve been here, and this is my fourth year, we haven’t won an opener yet. So to come out here and get this opener against a team like Kansas City, a team that’s consistently in the playoffs year in and year out, it feels great.”

So exactly how long does that great feeling last?

“Until 12 o’clock (Sunday night),” Robinson said. “And then it’s over with. We gotta move on and we’ve got to focus on Carolina.”

Move on, huh? Sounds like good advice. Then again, that’s easy for Dunta to say. I bet he actually has the balls to use the Houston defense for his fantasy team. - Jason Friedman

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