DPS Tells Christmas Shoppers To Avoid Mexico, In Case You Were Considering It

Cross off all those kitschy souvenir knick-knacks you were planning on giving away for Christmas. (Do they still sell those taxidermied frogs playing saxophone?) The DPS is officially warning shoppers to avoid Mexico.

Just visiting is out, too.

"Mexican drug cartel-related violence continues in the northern Mexican border cities, and other locations such as Monterrey and Acapulco," DPS director Steven C. McCraw said in the official announcement. "Drug-related or other criminal activity has been documented in popular tourist destinations such as Cancun and Mazatlan. The safety and security of holiday travelers cannot be guaranteed if they venture into Mexico."

"Kidnappings, violence between cartels and battles between cartels and law enforcement authorities have escalated in recent years," the DPS noted.

The agency noted State Department reports that kidnapping, rape and sexual assaults have also increased, and that Mexican law-enforcement authorities "have failed to prosecute numerous crimes committed against U. S. citizens, including murders and kidnappings."

"We recognize people safely travel and vacation in Mexico on a daily basis, but the increase in violence is also a reality," said McCraw. "There are no guarantees that drug-related violence will spare innocent bystanders and that criminals will refrain from attacking tourists."

So no Feliz Navidad in Matamoros for you, if you pay attention to DPS.

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Richard Connelly
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