DPS: Truckload of Immigrants Was Speeding Straight Toward Schools

The tale of the two suspected illegal Guatemalan immigrants killed by a DPS sharpshooter perched in a helicopter took a turn Thursday when the Department said the truck they were in was barreling toward a school and had to be stopped.

"The pickup truck continued to speed recklessly toward William J. Clinton Elementary School, Dr. Javier Saenz Middle School, and Salinas Elementary at a time of day when the children are typically released from school, posing an immediate threat to the school children and motoring public," DPS announced in a press release.

Check out what the ACLU had to say about the shooting from a helicopter.

The release also quoted DPS Director Steven McCraw as saying, "Although it is very tragic that two lives were lost, had the vehicle continued recklessly speeding through the school zone, any number of innocent bystanders or young lives could have been lost or suffered serious bodily injury."

Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra has convened a grand jury to hear more details of the incident, which have been unfolding with the assistance of an investigation by the Texas Rangers.

DPS also stated that the sharpshooter, Miguel Avila, "was originally placed on leave with pay, and has since returned to duty; however, he is currently reassigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation."

McCraw took a jab at people "providing speculative commentary and opinions about this case, most of which has no basis in fact....Jumping to final conclusions without knowing all the facts and circumstances is not only counterproductive, but it's irresponsible."

OK, Steve, but why did it take this long to reveal that DPS felt they had to try to disable the truck in order to prevent a potentially deadly run-in with a bunch of kids? Couldn't that minor tidbit have been provided in the initial DPS statement? That might have saved y'all some "speculative commentary."

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