DPS Warns the Three People Thinking of Going to Mexico Border Towns for Spring Break Not To

The Texas Department of Public Safety has told Spring Break revelers they shouldn't go into border towns in Mexico, leading to the question: Were people actually planning to go into Mexican border towns this Spring Break?

Apparently so. DPS says Americans should stay on this side of the border, both on land and on Falcon Lake.

Cartel violence is high near the border, but DPS also issued the latest in what has become a series of broadsides against popular non-border Mexican tourist destinations.

"While drug cartel violence is most severe in northern Mexico, it is prominent in other parts of the country as well," said DPS Director Steven C. McCraw. "Various crime problems also exist in many popular resort areas, such as Acapulco and Cancun, and crimes against U.S citizens often go unpunished."

DPS generously "acknowledges that many travel to Mexico without incident," but still -- stay the fuck away, they say.

"Drug violence has not discriminated -- innocent bystanders and people who may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time are among the casualties. Underestimating the violence in Mexico would be a mistake for parents and students," said McCraw. "Our safety message is simple: avoid traveling to Mexico during Spring Break and stay alive."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.