DPS Will Recruit You With Its Really Keen Graphics

Get ready for some highway excitement from the DPS!!

As part of a new recruitment campaign, the agency is painting seven of its vehicles with detailed images of troopers in action. Recruiters will drive them to appearances around the state.

"These vehicles will be rolling billboards for DPS, featuring photos of helicopters, the Dive Team, SWAT, K-9, Highway Patrol and Texas Rangers-just some of the many opportunities available to anyone who chooses an exciting career with DPS," said David Baker, who oversees the Texas Highway Patrol.

Let's check out the view:

 Big flag, a guy in a white shirt standing next to a horse...and what is that towards the rear? A guy in a white helmet, his head hanging down in shame? Or is it a satellite dish? Hard to tell. Then we've got five guys standing under the Texas star, which seems to have a question mark on it. Ummmm.....sign us up?

What state is this from? Could you give us a couple of clues? We mean besides the huge flag, the "Texas Department of Public Safety" logo, the "Texas Highway Patrol" written right under that and then the huge flowing "Texas"? We're not sure what font that large "Texas" is written in, but most times we've seen it it's been on feminine-care products.

On the other hand you have a whole Apocalypse Now vibe, with helicopters and river boats bringing the heat. We don't remember Apocalypse Now having a huge dog watching over things, but maybe we missed it.

Ah!! It's from Texas!! Here, hold the wheel while I quickly jot down this incredibly complicated website address!!

Once again we have a dog; the officer with it appears to be standing in front of the Governor's Mansion, but surely DPS doesn't want to reference that little spot of ineptitude. Also, if you join the DPS you get to swim....in a jumpsuit and helmet.

We're sure this will all give a huge jumpstart to DPS recruiting, but we have to wonder what someone here asked after seeing the pictures: "Geez....Does the horn play "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You"?"

We'd be very disappointed if it didn't.

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