Act NOW!!
Act NOW!!

DPS's Driver Responsibility SALE-A-Bration: No One's Taking Them Up on Their Great Deal Offer

As we told you in January, the Texas Department of Public Safety is offering a great deal for people who've gotten behind on the various fees that come with DWI and other offenses -- just pay 10 percent of what you owe, and you can get your license back.

That's 90 PERCENT OFF, people. You don't get deals like this every day.

No one seems much interested in it, though. DPS says a little over 7 percent of the people eligible for the deal have taken advantage of it.

While that does represent a hefty 53,000 or so Texas drivers, that's out of a total of 713,444 eligible.

If you are among the many hundreds of thousands not taking advantage, head to the DPS site to get with the program. You won't have to pay right away, you just need to sign up.

You've only got until April 7. DPS says this is a "one-time amnesty" and it applies to drivers who had a surcharge assessed between September 30, 2004, and December 31, 2008.

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