Drayton, This Is What You Get for Rushing Your Hires

Gee, Drayton, I told you. This is what you get for rushing to hire a GM and a manager. You lose out on the good candidates that become available after the season is over. For instance, yesterday, the Cardinals fired GM Walt Jocketty, the man who put together last season's World Series team and who was responsible for the 2004 World Series team and the teams that beat up on the Astros for so many years.

And get this, Tony La Russa's contract is up, and supposedly he and Jocketty were good friends, and there have been rumors that La Russa was already looking for another team to manage. Just think, if you didn't rush into things, you might have stood a chance at hiring two of the most respected names in baseball.

Instead, you hired Ed Wade and Cecil Cooper. That just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? – John Royal

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