Dreaming of Electric Sheep: Richardson Businessman David Hanson Vows His Robots Won't Kill You

If there’s one thing the world doesn’t need, it’s one more killer robot. Everyone knows that evil robots have been wreaking havoc for decades, using their wheels, boxy torsos and metallic pincers to get one over on humanity. So that’s why Richardson businessman David Hanson wants to make

nice robots that look like people


Hanson got the idea after reading the book that inspired the movie Artificial Intelligence:AI. Whereas some people who saw that movie might’ve walked away with the feeling that inventing humanoid robots would be a moral morass, Hanson’s apparent reaction was: Fuck yeah! He named his prototype after his 18-month-old son, Zeno. Because, you know, there’s absolutely nothing creepy about that. If you read nothing else from the article, at least check this: "During a recent demonstration, Zeno could barely stand and had to be tethered to a bank of PCs that told it how to smile, frown, act surprised or wrinkle its nose in anger." A robot that feigns anger? We have been warned. – Craig Malisow

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