Come get your howl on.
Come get your howl on.
Courtesy BARC

Dress Your Dog up in Something Spooky and Help Raise Money for BARC!

Ordinarily, we try not to encourage hoary puns or dressing dogs in people clothes, but screw it: we're excited for Rosemont's October 29 Howl-O-Ween fundraiser for BARC, the city pound.

All proceeds go toward helping BARC's 90 For 90 Campaign, in which the shelter shoots for holding a 90 percent live-release rate for at least 90 days. It's worthy enough that we will suspend our No-Costumes-For-Dogs moratorium. (Costumes will be provided in case your pooch's wardrobe is empty at the moment).

The event, scheduled from 12-4 at Rosemont, 910 Westheimer,  features $5 pet adoptions and a costume contest. 

Your pup may not relish wearing a witch hat or Batman cape, but he or she might put up with it as long as it's for the cause. Plus, maybe you can throw in a nice bone or special kibble. 


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