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Drive-by Shooting in East Houston Starts on Street, Resumes at Hospital

When a drive-by shooting incident continues once a bleeding man is dropped off at the hospital, patients and family in the emergency room lobby are understandably nervous and scared.

That's what happened Monday at East Houston Regional Medical Center, which was placed on lockdown after shots rang out, coming from three SUVs outside the ER as a man who said he had just been the victim of a drive-by shooting was dropped off, according to Houston Police Department spokesman John Cannon.

Cannon said that, in an interview with the police at his bedside in the hospital, the man told investigators that he was minding his own business walking along Nadolney Street near Victoria Street in east Houston when he was shot by men driving in a black SUV. He started running, through backyards and bushes, knocking on doors screaming for help, until finally, he saw a white SUV, a Ford Expedition, driving down the street and got its attention. The people inside said to hop in — they would drive him to the hospital, as the injured man, shot twice in the back, told police.

Cannon said that surveillance video shows the man jumping out of the car and running inside, bleeding, saying, "I've been shot! I need help!" and causing panic among the patients. For a split second, one other passenger steps out of the vehicle — and he is carrying a gun in his hand. The white Ford was followed closely behind by two other SUVs, a black Chevy Trailblazer (which Cannon said possibly was the same car from which shots were fired at this man) and a red Ford SUV. Cannon said it appears people in either the red or black vehicles — or both — fired at the white SUV, though it is not exactly clear who was shooting at whom.

Cannon said police have yet to determine how many shots were fired, but said no one was injured at the hospital. He added the lockdown lasted about 90 minutes. 

"Obviously, you can understand that that caused a lot of concern among the patients and staff at the hospital," Cannon said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has taken over the investigation. Cannon encouraged anyone who knows anything about this incident to call Crime Stoppers at 713-521-4600.

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