"Wha? No drunken ethnic slurs? A rookie mistake, mate."

Driving While White

It's all the buzz this morning: Mayor Bill White's daughter Elena was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

According to our pals at KHOU, 17-year-old Elena White was pulled over in the 9800 block of Memorial Drive (near the White family home) around 12:15 a.m. today. The good mayor had this to say of the incident:

"Our daughter Elena is a fine young person who we love and who made a bad decision, violating household rules and possibly the law."

Why "possibly," you ask? The savvy Elena didn't take a breathalyzer test. White also said that he was glad that Elena, who's currently being held at HPD, was treated impartially. And why wouldn't she be? She's practically paving her way to a political career. Just look at this guy, or even this guy. Clearly a coupla DWIs could only help them along.

Besides, Mayor White, a father of three teens, need not be ashamed. The potential DWI could turn out to be a minor snag for Elena (although you wouldn't know that by a search on the Chron's database. The search results of similar stories on the bottom left are a little, well, intense).

And at least Elena didn't spout off anti-Semitic remarks -- like this supposed Godly man -- when she was pulled over. -- Steven Devadanam

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