Drunk Drivers, Here Are Your Spots To Avoid

The July 4th weekend is coming up, and Harris County is doing us all a favor by having a double-dose of DWI crackdown. Starting tonight, officials will have their mobile lab -- complete with nurses and a judge ready to issue a warrant for a blood sample -- for everyone who refuses to take a breath test.

"On this Independence Day, our citizens and their families deserve to enjoy freedom from the very real threat of intoxicated drivers in our county," said Brent Mayr, head of the DA's Vehicular Crimes Section. "Safety for the public is the paramount reason why we conduct these No Refusal operations."

So where are they going to be?

The list from the DA's office isn't too specific (No "At 10:45 pm we'll be at the corner of Montrose & Waugh"), but it gives you a general idea.

Says the DA:

Westside sections of Houston and Harris County, including areas of Westheimer, Hillcroft and State Highway 6; downtown and Midtown areas; sections of Montrose and Washington Avenue near downtown; and the Pasadena/Clear Lake areas, including sections of Spencer Highway.

So you've been warned.

Avoid those places. Or, you know, don't drink and drive.

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