Duane Charles Parker, Johnny Pepper: Police Seek More Victims Of Alleged Online Solicitor/Masturbator

If you or your kid have had any online dealings with a dude who looks like this guy on the right, beware.

Law-enforcement officials in Montgomery and Galveston counties say he is a sexual predator who has been stalking and contacting underage girls on the net, and they're not sure how many victims are out there.

The Montgomery County Police Reporter has an extensive account of Duane Charles Parker, 49, also known as Johnny Pepper, who is from Lafayette, Louisiana, does business here in Texas and has allegedly been positing pictures and videos of himself masturbating that he has sent, according to one investigator, to "well over a dozen little girls without their parents' knowledge with the intention of using them for his own twisted sexual gratification."

Parker is in jail and bond has been denied. He faces two counts of second-degree felony Online Solicitation of a Minor Under 14 in Montgomery County and one count of first-degree felony Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child in Galveston County.

It's a twisted tale that involves him being able to keep custody of a pre-teen daughter during much of his alleged activity; Galveston County officials blame the confusion resulting from Hurricane Ike with that result -- communication between involved agencies was not what it should have been, officials say.

Parker's MO, at least according to the MCPR:

He also sent instant and private messages that became progressively inappropriate and the mom took control of her daughter's account. Parker quickly confirmed the mother's suspicions when he sent her daughter a lengthy private message that began, "hey Beautiful, omg ur so Beautiful ur a dream ur someone id love to be mine..."

The message continued with Parker rambling, at one point writing, "I know I may scar(e) u but im safe loving and could only love you..." He also discussed wishing he were in her room lying on her bed, with her on top of him. The message was followed by a video that showed the trunk section of an adult male (now known to be Parker) in bikini underwear, exposing his genitals and masturbating.

And the police briefing on the matter:

Police are looking for further victims, so if you have anything to add you should contact Montgomery County Precinct 4 Captain Mark Seals at 281-577-8985

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.