Dude Leads Cops on Frantic Car Chase...to a Police Station

First rule of being the chasee in a police chase -- don't head to a police station. They have reinforcements there.

An unnamed suspect learned that lesson the hard way early this morning after a wild chase that began in West U and ended up in the HPD's northwest substation.

The man was driving without lights, and when a cop signaled to pull over, he took off. Things went relatively swimmingly until he drove into a dead end.

No problem -- he rammed cop cars from West U and Southside Place and took off, eventually getting on the Loop and then to 290.

From there, according to reports, he went backwards down the Tidwell exit and careened about until his car was no longer driveable.

Again, no problem -- he got out and ran. Ran right to a police substation, where cops had been following the chase, and were ready to tackle him and arrest him.

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