Dude Leads Cops on High-Speed Chase in Dukes of Hazzard Car; Arrested While Taking A Shower

Houston police have arrested an unnamed man after he led them on a 120 mph highway chase in an orange Dodge Charger right out of Dukes of Hazzard, KPRC reports.

He had a good reason for doing it, Fox 26 says:

Police say the suspect admitted he drove the Charger and told officers he refused to stop because he was carrying marijuana and did not want his car to be towed.

Yes, that's the best explanation to offer a cop.

Events began to unfold about three in the morning on the West Loop near Woodway this morning when cops saw the General Lee going about 110 mph.

They took off in a chase and eventually lost the car, Fox 26 says. It was then spotted pulling into a Humble apartment complex.

Police checked the license plate in the parking lot -- not wanting to get the wrong orange Dodge Charger, we guess -- and then knocked on the owner's door.

His girlfriend answered the door and told cops the man was in the shower. They got him out and he started blabbing.

He's been charged with felony evading arrest and weed possession.

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