Dude Who Murdered His Family as a Kid Now Charged With Harassment

We all have things from our past we'd rather not discuss. Some people have cheated on a significant other. Some people have filed for bankruptcy. Some slaughtered their adoptive families and served four years in juvenile detention.

Well, at least that's what Jovan Collier did, back in 1983, when he was a 14-year-old in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, named Peter Zimmer. Two women in McLennan County, Texas, who dated Collier and only recently learned of this tiny past transgression recently worked with authorities to arrest him on harassment charges.

Collier, who was convicted of shooting and stabbing his adoptive parents and brother in 1983, served just four years in a Wisconsin juvenile detention center. He apparently got the travelin' bug when he was released and spent time in Florida, where he was jailed for sending a woman he was obsessed with a dead pig and a bunch of sex toys. (Flowers are so unoriginal.)

From there, he briefly reunited with his ex-wife in Galveston, and then apparently made his way to Hewitt "and started dating area women who had no knowledge of his past," according to the Waco Tribune. (Generally, we save our "I killed my family" speech for the third date.)

Two women, whose names have not been released, recently saw Collier's story featured on a Lifetime show called I Dated a Psycho and recognized him as their co-worker's fiancé, according to the Trib.

"The two friends of Collier's [fiancé] who saw the show brought the information to the sheriff's office," according to the Trib. That's when McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara "became aware of Collier's other relationships" and warned those women.

"We tried to make these ladies aware of the danger they were in," McNamara told the newspaper. "We're concerned about any woman's safety who comes into contact with a convicted predator like this."

After the fiancé ended the relationship, and another paramour attempted to cut off contact, Collier allegedly continued to send them each dozens of messages a day, according to the report.

"Collier is in the McLennan County Jail charged with three counts of harassment," the Trib reports. "His bond was set at $150,000."

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