Dude Who Stole $3K English Bulldog Barks for Media

A man and woman have been accused of stealing a $3,000 English bulldog from a pet store, and if their perp walks are any indication, they have no regrets.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office won't release their names or mugs until they are formally charged, but their performance in front of media cameras was good enough on its own.

The guy walked by reporters making a sort of hybrid bark/whining sound which we guess is made by $3,000 English bulldogs who have been dognapped.

The woman laughs and giggles and generally looks like she can't wait to get back to another dognapping.

The two walked into a Pet City pet store and, while the woman distracted store staff, the man hustled the dog out.

The perp walks, courtesy of KHOU:

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Richard Connelly
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