Dumb: Robbing Cop Car Parked in Front of Cop Shop. Dumber: Accidentally Turning the Flashing Lights On

There's dumb and then there's dumber, as Hollywood has taught us.

Two thieves, whose names have not been released, apparently fit the part, according to KHOU.

The two not only broke into a cop car last night, the cop car they broke into was sitting in front of the HPD substation in the Heights.

Apparently unsure they weren't doing everything to guarantee entry into the Dumb Criminal Hall of Fame, one of the robbers accidentally punched up the power lights on the cruiser.

"That got the attention of a passing officer," KHOU reports.

Not willing to settle for car-burglary charges, the pair then took off in separate cars...driving the wrong way on Durham.

Both were eventually arrested and will have their criminal careers put on hold, much to the relief of other Dumb Criminal Hall of Fame candidates everywhere.

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Richard Connelly
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