DVD Releases: Wanda Sykes Flirts With TMI; Zombies And Jennifer Aniston

Wanda's Sykes I'ma be Me comedy special hits the shelves today. The performance was filmed after the Emmy Award-winning actress/comedian/ author/talk show host appeared at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, where she raised a few eyebrows when she cracked on Rush Limbaugh. The conservative commentator had previously said he hoped the Obama administration failed, to which Sykes replied, "I hope his kidneys fail." The President, who was sitting just a few feet away from Sykes, smiled and laughed.

Sykes refers to the event in I'ma be Me, but avoids the Limbaugh controversy and discusses instead her being told not to use the N-word in front of the President. (Actually, Sykes very rarely uses the N-word in her routine, so President or no President, that shouldn't have been a worry ... but then again, she also rarely publicly wishes for someone's death, so maybe the warning was necessary after all.)

She also jokes about her French wife ("French sounds so much nicer than white") and their infant twins. The children are also white, which means, Sykes jokes, that if she ever loses them at a mall or amusement park, she'll have to "wait for some nice white lady" to come along and help her claim them.

A highlight of the show is Sykes's describing her first bikini wax ("Everything went white"). When the attendant tells her to turn over in order to do her backside, Sykes demurs ("Oh, that won't be necessary, nothing goes on back there"). The attendant insists, but it doesn't go well ("She ripped out my asshole"). Sykes describes the feeling as what she imagines wild animals in nature documentaries experience as they're being caught and eaten by another animal. ("Run asshole, run asshole ... agh, they got him.")

Much of the third act of I'ma be Me discusses Sykes's changing body as she gets older, ("When I say I need to pee, I mean I NEED to pee"), especially the roll of belly fat that's developed around her middle, which she's named Esther Roll ("Esther loves cheesecake").

Sykes finishes up with a bit about her talking on her cell phone with a friend as she leaves a mall. As Sykes digs around in her purse, she complains that she thinks she's left her phone in a store. Her friend replies, "Well, call me back when you find it." (Think about it for a minute.)

A few other titles being released today are Zombieland, with Woody "Marijuana is Good for You" Harrelson. The horror flick earned more than $75 million at the boxoffice, perhaps because his fans followed Harrelson's lead and lit up.

Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston is also out, it earned a mean $23 million in ticket sales which means that by Hollywood standards, it was a bit of a flop. It's a good date movie and perfect for depressed, PMSing women around the world who want to snuggle up with a bucket of ice cream and a box of tissues.

If zombies and meet-cute love stories aren't quite your thing,  the uber-serious documentary Maybe God is Ill might be more your style. Writer Walter Veltroni takes a journey - both physical and emotional -- across Africa to explore the continent's current state of turmoil. Wars, famine, corruption and disease are all part of the region's ever-increasing crisis. (Bet that ice cream bucket and Jennifer Aniston's cute ass just got way more appealing, huh?)

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.