Dwight Watch 2013: What Is Dwight Doing on the Fourth of July?

It's Dwight Howard watch day four and, appropriately, it's also the Fourth. In this case, it's our nation's independence day, a time when we celebrate the birth of a nation with heavy drinking, incendiary devices and bad country music. But what in the world is Howard doing this Fourth of July? Last we heard, he was leaving Los Angeles after meeting with the Lakers for some serene nature retreat, no doubt to contemplate his thoughts...and the millions of dollars he's about to stack on top of the piles of money he's already made.

While NBA fans and media hit refresh over and over on their Twitter feeds waiting to see what Adrian Wojnarowski is going to tweet about it, it seems hard to believe a guy with as many good options as Howard has isn't enjoying the hell out of himself while everyone pants over his decision.

The good news is there doesn't appear to be a "Decision" (capital D) in his future. Unlike The King, Howard won't pull a high school recruiting stunt and put on the cap of the team that wins his services during a 30-minute televised extravaganza. We have to hope he's smarter than that.

If it is about winning, my guess is he chooses the Rockets. If it is more about living, my money is on the Lakers, which would allow him to remain in La La Land and pursue his dream of being a failed actor in a series of bad movies pitched like, "Picture this: it's a buddy cop movie about a really tall homicide investigator who is super green and his angry partner nearing retirement starring Dwight Howard and Robert DeNiro. It's box-office gold!"

The latest rumors are that the field is wide open. L.A. and Houston are the frontrunners, but Golden State is a dark horse. They need help from the Lakers in the form of a sign and trade, something L.A. would likely be loathe to do, particularly within the division.

My guess is that Howard will watch the fireworks on the Fourth and contemplate his life in whatever city he decides to call home for the next four or five years -- the next time he'll likely be eligible for free agency. If he's smart, he'll pick Houston. Our fireworks here are fantastic...and the team ain't bad either.

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