Dylan Quick Update: All Victims in Lone Star College Stabbing Recovering, Suspect May Have Discussed Attack in Chat Room

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A day after the mass stabbing at the Lone Star-Cy Fair campus, it appears that all 14 victims in Tuesday's attack will recover. According to Lone Star-Cy Fair President Audre Levy, seven of the victims have already left the hospital, and the four with the worst injuries have stabilized and been moved out of intensive care.

"All of the victims are okay," Levy said at a press conference Wednesday morning. "Last night seven of the ones that were taken to the hospital were released. Today the others that were under intensive care, from all the information that has been given to us, they all are out of intensive care."

The 14 individuals assaulted -- there's still no confirmation as to whether they were students or staff, or whether 20-year-old Dylan Quick targeted them purposefully or haphazardly -- all received injuries from Quick's razor utility knife, a type of brand made by the X-acto knife company.

According to Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, who noted that Quick was apprehended by the campus's police department four minutes after reports first came in, a second "precision knife" was found in Quick's backpack.

Still, 24 hours after Quick decided to attempt the second high-profile assault on a Lone Star campus in 2013, there's little indication as to what set him off. Having worked a year at the campus's library, Quick was, by all indications, both a model employee and a model student. While the sheriff noted that Quick admitted to having had "fantasies" since he was a child about stabbing others, and that he had been planning this assault "for some time," Garcia said investigators had yet to determine why Quick selected Tuesday as the day of his assault, why he selected his school or what would have prompted such an attack.

"He has shared with us that he has had fantasies about stabbing people since the age of eight," said Garcia, who said that he had yet to see any substantiated allegations of bullying against the young man, who was born hearing-impaired and had received cochlear implants. "He did share that he has been planning this event for some time. We don't know what 'some time' means, and all we know is exactly what I've said."

Garcia noted that Quick has thus far been very "matter-of-fact" with investigators and has been forthcoming in the aftermath of the attack.

"You may be wondering what his state of mind was, how he comported himself as our investigators interacted with him," Garcia said. "The description given is that he's been matter-of-fact, that he has understood all the questions provided to him, that he has been interacting well with investigators and that he has just been very forthcoming with the information I've shared with you.

While reports initially surfaced yesterday of a potential second attacker, Garcia said the campus's video surveillance system helped his office confirm that Quick was the lone attacker on campus.

"Part of our ability to quickly respond and understand what we had...yesterday, was the fact that we had reliable video surveillance that was provided to us by Lone Star College, that helped us understand that we had one actor and one actor alone," Garcia said. "We still initiated the precaution and the response to search all the facilities, principally to look for any victims. But we feel comfortable that we were looking for one actor."

There was some question as to the lag between the initial reports of the assault, which came at 11:13 a.m., and the first campus-wide alert at 11:30, which went out to the 7,000 students on campus. According to Levy, the administration sent the alert only when the possibility surfaced that a second attacker might exist. The president downplayed any concerns that the lag time was unacceptable.

"That situation was unique in the fact that we had already apprehended the individual," Levy said.

According to Garcia, a tipster notified the Harris County Sheriff's Office that certain language used within a chat room -- when and where were not disclosed -- resembled the details of Tuesday's attack, which occurred on both the first and second floors of the campus's Health Science Center. Quick's computer, among other materials, has been confiscated from his home.

Quick is currently in custody, and has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault.

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