Dynamo Trot Out Their New Jerseys

The Houston Dynamo unveiled their new "kit" to season ticket holders last night at The Venue in Downtown. Gone is the Space City Blue sleeve that accompanied the team's signature orange. Also missing is the Amigo Energy logo, which was replaced by new team sponsor, Greenstar Recycling.

The Dynamo went old school with their new look, choosing to replicate the Dutch jerseys of the 1980's. The most prominent feature of the new jersey is the addition of the collar, which devoted fans are already raving about. "I really like it, it's something different," said Dynamo season ticket holder Alfredo Trevino.

The players also have given their two thumbs up to their new look. Team captain Brian Ching told the Houston Chronicle that "it feels good, looks good."

"I think the [old] form-fitting ones were kind of a little irritating sometimes, especially when I wear tight shirts," Ching said in the article. "But I think these are the right fit, the perfect fit, the perfect feel. I think they're going to be great, especially dealing with the heat in the summer."

Ching even liked the way Greenstar's logo looked across the chest of the jersey. I think that's what Greenstar was hoping for when they spent $12.7 million to be the new jersey sponsor -- how can we make the Chinger look awesome in orange.

And for any fans hoping for a third jersey -- like the MLS All-Star jersey -- well don't hold your breath. One team official noted the fact that the Dynamo rarely use their secondary white jerseys, only when they play on the road against a team that has a red jersey. Also, the orange uniforms have helped brand the team both in the US and abroad. There still is a glimmer of hope though, as the team has not officially ruled out a third jersey.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.