Dynamo Win: At Least One Houston Team Is Defending Our Honor Against Dallas

Check out our photos of the Texas match-up between the Dynamo and FC Dallas.

As it has been well documented on this blog, this site, and the history books, Houston and Dallas have an absolute hatred for each other. It's an animosity that goes from the people to sports teams.

The Astros played and failed miserably against the Texas Rangers this past weekend; losing out on the Silver Boot for what seems to be a thousand straight years. So since Houstonians can't depend on the Astros to defend their honor, they turn to the orange-clad Dynamo who beat FC Dallas 2-1 Saturday night at BBVA Compass Stadium.

And as lopsided as the Astros-Rangers series has been over the years, the Dynamo have made FC Dallas their bitches over the history of the rivalry.

The Dynamo came out blazing to start the match. Seconds into it, the Dynamo had already earned their first corner. On the third minute, Will Bruin put the Dynamo up 1-0 with a bit of a fortunate bounce and lousy defending by a struggling Dallas side.

That's when the Hoops kicked it up a notch. Even with their four main offensive weapons out with injuries, FC Dallas' speed was proving to be too much for the Dynamo, as they kept sending wave after wave of assault on the Dynamo. In the 16th minute, Jackson Goncalves went right up the Dynamo defense, only to have his shot bounce off the far post. He would eventually find his equalizer in the 58th minute, also from a bit of a fortunate deflection. At that point it looked like FC Dallas was poised to eventually find a game winner, if not more.

Even with the back and forth between the match, the game seemed to have been played fairly cleanly for a Texas Derby. "[The rivalry] has always a little heated; and the way the game was going it was pretty mild compared to others," said Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear after the match.

Then came the 63rd minute... In an incident away from the ball, Jair Benitez struck Colin Clark with an elbow. With the help of his assistant, head referee Jair Marrufo showed Benitez the door, and all hell broke loose.

"After the red card, I guess it wouldn't be a normal game against these guys if there wasn't some type of coming together of the players and guys getting in each other's faces." Kinnear said.

Scuffles broke out amongst several players. Dynamo defender Jermaine Taylor at one point even put FC Dallas midfielder Daniel Hernandez in a choke hold. "Jermaine's a tough guy; yeah I wouldn't mess with him," said Adam Moffat, the Dynamo's token Scotsman. "He's a very tough guy, I'm glad he's on my team."

Moffat said when players get ejected, their team will try and stir the pot; see if they can get one of your players to follow their fallen comrade in the showers. "That's what happened with me, actually I went over -- I probably should have kept away -- and they start pushing you; their just looking for a reaction."

The Dynamo ended up keeping their composure, and put the Dallas defense on their heels for next couple of minutes. In the 76th minute, the Dynamo took a corner kick that was initially punched away by FCD goalkeeper Kevin Hartman; right into the feet of Moffat. "At first I was just gonna rush it; [the ball] came out at me and usually when it comes to you, you got guys closing you down. But there wasn't anyone coming, so I steadied myself a little bit. As guys were coming, I managed to get a good connection on it and managed not to hit anyone."

The only thing Moffat hit was his first goal of the season, a game winner against the city's most hated rival. As it turned out, Benitez's red card left FCD with one less player on the field. That 11th player would have closed Moffat down quickly and forced him into an uncomfortable shot. Instead, Moffat had all night to settle the ball and shoot it how he saw fit. The win tightens the choke hold the Dynamo have on their hated rivals from South Oklahoma, which makes Taylor's choke hold on Hernandez rather symbolic.

The Dynamo's win is just another example of just how much better Houston is over Dallas.

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