Eagles QB Michael Vick's Brother Marcus Has A Twitter Meltdown

Since getting out of prison in 2009, it's been quite a ride for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Brought in as a backup quarterback and slash-style weapon in 2009, Vick eventually was tabbed the starter in 2010, and given a $100 million contract. Not bad for a guy whose career was thought to be over when he was sent away in 2007 for bankrolling a dog fighting compound and the gambling operation that went along with it.

However, Vick's career has taken another sideways turn this season, from redeemed golden boy to the object of every Philadelphian's scorn, as he's become a turnover machine while quarterbacking the Eagles to a disappointing 3-5 record.

Failure is always hard on athletes, but oftentimes it's even harder on their families. While the athlete has some level of control over his destiny, family members sit back and watch helplessly. For some, it can be too much too bear.

Michael Vick's brother Marcus is, apparently, one of those people.

Last night, while Michael Vick was busy fumbling, throwing pick sixes, and just generally running for his life, Marcus Vick was invoking his first amendment rights by Twitter-torching pretty much everyone and everything within the Eagles organization -- other than his older brother, of course.

A little background on Marcus Vick -- like his older brother, he, too, played quarterback at Virginia Tech. Also, like his older brother, he's had a tough time staying within the bounds of the law, with a rap sheet that includes brandishing a firearm, molestation of a minor, DUI, and various probation violations. So that should put you in the proper frame of mind as I take you through Marcus Vick's Monday night on Twitter.

Ready? Ok...

Like many football watch nights on Twitter, it starts out innocently enough, with a succinct tweet of unbridled enthusiasm....

Of course, it quickly starts to spin wildly out of control, as the Eagles somehow manage to take the opening kickoff, possess the ball for more than seven minutes on 14 plays, and somehow still wind up punting the ball! Clearly, in Marcus' Vick's eyes, the issue is with the Eagles' offensive line. And we've got the broken English to prove it!

Wait, what's that Marcus? You're not paying attention to any of your "@" replies? Oh well, allow me to compile a few of them for you, and we can arrive at some level of consensus on how Twitter feels about your act:

Yeah, Marcus, Twitter pretty much thinks you're (a) a thug, (b) illiterate, (c) a gravy trainer, or (d) all of the above.

Marcus then gets somewhat pensive, thinking about his brother's overall health in the big picture. Somewhere, the veterans on the class action concussion lawsuit are nodding their collective head....

And then Marcus gets back to butchering the English language again....

Yeah, how do you "get worst"? (Um hey, Virginia Tech, this is one of your people. Just sayin'.)

Halftime hit, and we got interviews with each of the presidential candidates. I'm guessing Marcus Vick is not a Republican.

Back to some second half football, which means more critique of the Eagles' offensive line, which admittedly was atrocious on Monday night...

Keep in mind, McCoy had 112 yards when Marcus Vick tweeted that last one, but why let facts get in the way of some good ol' fashioned insanity?

Finally came Vick's last Twitter salvo of the game -- a preemptive strike at a potential quarterback change by Eagles head coach Andy Reid, from Michael Vick to rookie Nick Foles:

Like I said earlier, failure can be harder on the family than it is on the player. After the game, Michael Vick's cousin Dwight reached out to Marcus to vent and rage against the onslaught of haters. Fortunately, Marcus was there to talk Dwight off the ledge:

Indeed, we all smoking mirrors, people. I will say this -- after Marcus Vick's Monday night Twitter rampage, now the English language knows how those dogs felt.

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