Abrahan Garza

Early Voting in Houston

Planning on

early voting

at the last minute? A few of our staffers hit the polls this week and brought back tales of traffic. Read below to find out where the good spots are. We’ll keep updating as more and more civic duties (ahem) are fulfilled.

“I went to the W. Gray location 2 pm Tuesday; the line looked like it would be an hour/90-minute wait. Instead I went after work to the Bayland Rec Center, near Hillcroft and Bissonet. It was about 6:15 or so and the wait was 10 minutes.”

“Yesterday at West Gray Multi Service Center at 1:30 it took about an hour to get through and vote.”

“I voted in Kingwood (still Harris County) off of Rustic Wood Rd & Lake Houston Parkway. Took me exactly 5 minutes, but it was 11:30 a.m. yesterday. It was quick and easy. But there was no way that I was going anywhere near downtown. It was also my first time and they had to put my name on the "FIRST TIMERS" list. Nobody heckled me either.”

"No line earlier today at Ripley House on Navigation."

More to come. -- Keith Plocek

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