EarthQuest's Don Holbrook Sued by Ohio City for Alleged Fraud

Don Holbrook, one of the masterminds behind the perpetually stalled New Caney clusterfuck known as EarthQuest, has been sued by the city of Huber Heights, Ohio, for allegedly performing a substandard economic analysis for the city.

The city, located just northeast of Dayton, entered into a $66,000 contract with Holbrook, who was to "create an economic development business case" and conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat) analysis "from a regional economic development perspective."

The city forked over $53,800 before Holbrook submitted his report, which "wholly failed to conform to the terms [of the contract] and wholly failed to conform to industry standards," according to the suit. The city withheld its final payment and demanded a refund, which Holbrook refused, the suit states. (Specifically, the city accuses Holbrook of fraudulent inducement, negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment.)

We called Mike Bly, one of the lawyers suing on behalf of the city, but haven't heard back. We'll update if and when we learn more about these allegations.

During the reporting and writing of the feature on EarthQuest, Holbrook eventually cut off contact with the Houston Press, opting instead to post comments after the article was published. He wrote that the story was "purposely inaccurate and misleading and full of very crappy and not factual reporting," although he did not provide specific examples. He also accused the Press and its "alleged cronies" of spawning a "conspiracy theory" in order to discredit him.

He also suggested the reporter just "admit you seem to be trying to peddle a screenplay script. Maybe Mel Gibson will option it and make you rich, that must be your intent with such fictional writing because investigative reporting is not your calling in life."

Apparently, the folks in Huber Heights are part of this massive conspiracy against Don Holbrook. Just like his previous employers in Indiana and Minnesota. That's some JFK-level shit, yo.

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