East Houston Musical Doesn't Wow LA Critic

A campy musical set in East Houston, featuring a rebelling teen trying to deal with an emotionally distant dad who works at NASA, starring Howard Stern's daughter -- what could go wrong?

Plenty, according to Variety.

Earth Sucks is the name of the musical, which opened recently in LA.

And even the Houston angle couldn't help it from a vicious review:

There is little laudable about "Earth Sucks," an incredulous rock tuner featuring a woefully simplistic book and score by Jonas Oppenheim, generally inadequate perfs by the ensemble and no sense of style or pacing by Oppenheim, who also helms.

Maybe it was to be expected, given this synopsis of the plot:

The plot revolves around the galactic misadventures of Echo Bell (Emily Stern), a lonely East Houston teen who becomes involved with fugitive space alien lead singer Fluhbluhbluh (Lucas Revolution) and his intergalactic rock band, Citizens of Earth (Rawn Erickson II, John Hanson, Duncan Mackay and PJ Wyderka).

Along the way, Echo defeats the rule-the-Cosmos schemes of evil outer space pop diva Ulinia Swords (Nakia Syvonne) and resolves a lifelong schism with her emotionally crippled NASA space scientist father, Max Bell (Christopher Fairbanks).

Yeah, all those NASA "space scientists" living in East Houston. You can't throw a rock out there without hitting two or three of them.

No plans have been announced for Earth Sucks to come to Houston, by the way.

Thank God for small favors. It appears the Great East Houston Musical still has yet to be written. And yeah, we're including Ninfa!, TUTS's bomb of 1982.

Update: Check out the comments for links to more positive reviews.

-- Richard Connelly

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